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Beach Bum

A few months ago, Walt and I reluctantly took Lucas to the beach. Reluctantly you say? Yes, reluctantly. The few times we went to the beach in the past, we spent the entire time chasing Lucas up and down the gulf shore. Despite our last trip, I put on my big girl panties, made a … More Beach Bum

Road Maps

Recently I was in Houston and even though I grew up there and lived there just shy of 25 years, I had to get out my phone a couple of times to get directions. It got me thinking. When was the last time I looked at an actual map to find my destination? And then … More Road Maps

Strong-Willed Lucas

Stubborn, hardheaded, strong-willed. Determined,┬átenacious, tough, spunky. All words that I would use to describe Lucas. Words, that can be viewed both as a negative or a positive. Having a strong-willed child means that Lucas is invariably always on, constantly challenging the state of things, and constantly testing boundaries in all sorts of situations in order … More Strong-Willed Lucas

Small Town Fun

This past weekend we went to see my good friend Courtney and her family who live in Magnolia, Texas. Magnolia has that small town feel, and rightfully so with a population of just over 1500 (as of 2013), but is just a short drive northwest of Houston if you need anything from a big city. … More Small Town Fun