The Allure of Football

In just over a week it will be Superbowl Sunday and football season will officially be over. That got me thinking, what is it about football that gets people all crazy and riled up?


What is the allure of football?


Ready for the first game of the 2012 season!

My husband, god bless him, is hopelessly addicted to football. You’re probably thinking to yourself “So? What’s wrong with that?”

Let me dive just a little bit deeper. My husband follows football YEAR ROUND. He reads his various message boards, follows recruiting, listens to podcasts, the whole nine yards (pun TOTALLY intended here). He is on the sofa every Saturday from 11:00AM until 12:00AM. Oh and let’s not forget about College Game Day. I believe that starts at 9:00AM?



As if an entire Saturday of football was not good enough, Sunday morning starts with a phone call promptly at 9:00AM from his good friend “R.” This is a MINIMUM two-hour call, YES I SAID MINIMUM, that consists of breaking down each other’s respective team’s game – plays, coaching, players, calls, etc. And they talk like they OWN the team and that they have POWER in the decision make process! Is that normal?

And then of course there’s NFL football. My husband had me fooled while we were dating because he’d tell me “No, I’m just a college football fan.  I don’t really watch pro ball.” Maybe it was just all part of his master plan to get me to marry him. “Muahahahaha! Just wait until I get the ring on her finger! Then she’ll be mine! ALL MINE! Sunday football will be ALL MINE!” Joke’s on me.

Football obsessed husband and son in training (2012)
Football obsessed husband and son in training (2012)

When I asked my husband the question “What is it about football that gets you all goosebumpy?” he replied …
W: Goosebumpy?
Me: Yes, goosebumpy.
W: First all, there are no goosebumpies in football.
Me: Oh, well then (shaking my body with excitement) all excited?
W: Sigh…
Me: Well?
W: Sighs again, rolls his eyes at me and walks off.


I did some further research and came across two articles “The Allure of Football” by Bill Lyon and “The Boycott Diaries: On the Allure of Football’s Story” by Trevor Sides.

Bill writes:
“Of all our sports, football is the most appropriate of America’s games because it reflects our appetite for speed and strength, machismo and finesse, magnanimity in victory, courage in defeat and grace under pressure.” 

And Trevor writes:
“There is, I believe, a connection between rest and beauty, and if men all over America are seeking a place of shelter where they can “just be men,” then that explains the allure of the NFL, because it does offer something that is beautiful and amazing. Instead of a mountain reflection on a calm lake in the morning, the American male ideal for rest is now found in the whirling, unscripted acrobatics of Vitruvian-like bodies reflected in high definition.”

So with that being said… from a man’s perspective, I totally get the allure of football. Even if it is just a game of men playing catch with a pig-skinned shaped prolate spheroid.

Man… I sure do love my football obsessed husband. And he’s MINE ALL MINE! Muahahahaha!

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