Lucas’ Birth Story {Part One}

One of the reasons I started journaling was to have an outlet for me to clear my mind. I have found that getting thoughts out of my head relaxes my mind and is quite therapeutic. But after journaling for quite some time now, I up and decided at the beginning of 2015 to start an actual blog. I don’t know if anyone other than my immediate family will ever read it, but after posting a few of my thoughts on this blog, I have found that I quite enjoy blogging. I’ve always yearned to do something creative, who knew it would be writing!

I now know that I also want to use this blog to document things in my life. Travels, special moments in time, random thoughts. You get the picture. I also hope that this will serve as a sort of baby book for Lucas (he turned 3 this month – where has the time gone?!) as I’m sure there will be many posts to come that will be about him. And many posts that will go back in time to document some of his special milestones. Never did get around to filling out that baby book I received at my shower.  Oops.

I’d like to start with some of these special moments by writing Lucas’ birth story. It’s his first milestone that I want to tell him and although I’m sure I’ll never forget the highlights, I want to write it down before I forget the whole story. I want him to know from day one he showed us what a strong, resilient, stubborn, fearless, loving, precious, silly son we had on our hands.

Here goes… part one.

Lucas was due Thursday, June 7, 2012, which just so happens to be the day before my birthday. I went in Tuesday, June 5th for my doctor appointment, two days before my due date and I had yet to dilate, Lucas had yet to drop and I had yet to have any contractions.

Now what?!

Although I had been on bed rest for the past four weeks, we had no reason to suspect that I would have anything but a “normal” delivery and that Lucas was progressing along as he should.

Except… two days before my due date I had yet to dilate, Lucas had yet to drop and I had yet to have any contractions. Is that normal? I don’t know, this was my first baby.

My doctor and I discussed options. Proceed through the weekend and if still nothing he would induce labor on Monday. Or, schedule a cesarean. He left the room to check his surgery schedule and give Walt and I some time to discuss.

This was not an easy decision to make spur of the moment. It seemed a little, I don’t know, not right to schedule a birth. But something nagged at me, something was telling me schedule the cesarean. My doctor returned and it was decision time. We could schedule the cesarean for Thursday, June 7th or Friday, June 8th. What did I prefer? It already seemed unnatural to me to choose what day Lucas was going to be born, so I decided for his actual due date, Thursday, June 7 at 2:30PM.

D-day arrived and still no labor signs. Walt and I arrived at the hospital at 10:00AM, my parents in the waiting room greeting us. I was admitted and went through the normal check in procedure.

Beached whale reporting for child birth!
Beached whale reporting for child birth!
A few hours passed by and then things started to change. Suddenly there were more nurses in the pre-op, phone calls were being made to find my doctor, I was being strapped to more monitors and given oxygen. I’m still not 100% sure of what exactly happened to cause the hubbub, but before I knew it I was being whisked away to surgery an hour earlier than expected.

The next 10.5 hours were a bit of a blur. I remember being wheeled into surgery, a nurse trying very hard to keep my shoulders down so another nurse could attempt to give me a spinal block. Said nurse being removed and someone else giving me the spinal block on the first try. Laying flat on the table, sort of out of it and sort of aware. Very creepy feeling. Asking the nurse if I was supposed to feel someone tugging on my stomach. Even creepier. Walt sitting next to me taking photos of everything going on. Seriously? Did you have to take that photo of my insides? Sheesh. He really did get some good ones though.


Next Walt and I hear my doctor say “Boy he’s a skinny one!” Ummm… say what?! Lucas was born at 1:33PM, Thursday, June 7, 2012. Weighing in at 4 pounds 13.9 ounces and 19 inches long. Yea, you could say he was skinny.

But there he was, our little burrito. All four pounds of him.


I wish I could say that the above photo, our first official family photo,  was my first visual memory of Lucas, but no. My first memory of Lucas was of the NNICU doctor holding him up and all I see is this scrawny little baby and these giant red balls hanging between his legs.  Ummm… excuse me!!!  My son has elephantiasis!! Oh wait! That’s normal?! I didn’t get that memo. Doctors!! You might want to share that detail with your first time mothers! Ha ha! I can laugh about it now. I giggle every time I think about it and I wouldn’t change that memory at all!

Next thing I know, Walt and Lucas were whisked away to the nursery and I was being rolled into recovery.

More of Lucas’ birth story in part two.


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