Big Bend Adventure {Part One}

Close your eyes. Now imagine… the open road, the ever-changing landscape of the great state of Texas, your favorite tunes playing on the radio, the wind on your face… SCREEEETCH!! Now, snap back to reality!

“Mommy are we there yet? Mommy I have to potty! Mommy I want to sit there. Mommy I want to sit there now. Mommy I want a snack. Mommy I’m thirsty. Mommy I want to ride in the big motorhome.”

Ah yes, the good ole’ family road trip. The family road trip with a three year old, a husband and his in-laws, Nana and Pepaw. Crazy idea, right?!

A quick Q&A:

  1. Where did you go? The final destination was Big Bend.
  2. How did you travel? We motorhome caravanned.
  3. How long were you gone? Seven days.
  4. Was it stressful preparing for the trip? Yes. I have never had so many lists in my life.
  5. Did everyone come back with all of their limbs? Yes. I think.
  6. Did you and Walt fight? Yes we had a couple of tense moments that resulted in stress relief bickering.
  7. Did you and your Dad fight? Surprisingly no. I guess he has FINALLY learned that his daughter is right ALL THE OF TIME ABOUT EVERYTHING. About time Dad.
  8. Were you too ambitious with your itinerary? Perhaps.
  9. Did you enjoy traveling in a motorhome? Yes, but we wish we had gotten something bigger and are extremely thankful that we traveled with two experts.
  10. How did Lucas do traveling like that? He was great! We only had one major meltdown.
  11. What was the best part of the trip? Unplugging from the rat race, slowing down and spending quality time with my family.
  12. Would you do it again? ABSOFREAKINLUTELY!!!!

The details…

Day one, Thursday, August 27, 2015:
We loaded all of our stuff into my parent’s tow vehicle, a Honda CR-V and headed out to pick up our rented motorhome. I wish I had gotten a picture of it all- you’d never believe that we filled their Honda from top to bottom with all of our stuff. From floor boards to roof. Jam packed.


After we picked up our motorhome and transferred all of our stuff we were FINALLY officially on the road.

That is the look of a man with a back seat driver. Our road trip may or may not of had a rocky start.


Lucas made himself quite comfortable and I didn’t puke my guts out from motion sickness. Yay!!


Overall our first day went pretty well. Our motorhome was easy to handle and we only bottomed out once. We managed to roll into the Hilltop RV park in Ft. Stockton, TX unscathed. That is until we parked and started setting up for the night and realized we had a flat tire. However, by 10:00PM the first night, we managed to set-up our motorhome relatively easily, we had a new tire, a tired toddler asleep, a beer in each fist and a sigh of relief… we survived the first day.

Day two, Friday, August 28, 2015:
The next morning before heading to our next destination, Balmorhea State Park and then on to Davis Mountains State Park, we had a little fun with Pepaw’s monster truck!

We finally hit the road late morning and arrived at Balmorhea State Park around lunch time. Balmorhea State Park is the world’s largest crystal-clear water spring-fed swimming pool. You can swim, scuba dive, or just relax under the trees at this historic park in arid West Texas.

The water temp of the spring stays between 72 to 76 degrees. Which when you think about that temp as an air temp it sounds quite refreshing. And refreshing it was. Once I was able to catch my breath and all of my limbs came back to life after the initial shock of being dipped into what felt like ice cold water, it was quite refreshing.

Despite having absolutely no body fat to keep him warm, Lucas had a ball. He even jumped off the diving board into the 25′ abyss.

Next we headed to the Davis Mountains State Park in Fort Davis, TX.

That evening we took the scenic drive through downtown Fort Davis to Alpine and then to Marfa. We didn’t make it to the Prada sculpture, but we did have a decent dinner at Mando’s Mexican restaurant. It probably would have been better if it had not taken an hour to get our food. Apparently things move at a much slower pace in west Texas.

Stay tuned for part two!

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