Circus Circus!

I remember being taken to the circus as a kid. I remember the anticipation, the excitement, the pageantry, the stunts, the costumes and of course the animals. Those memories put a smile on my face and now that I have a child of my own, I have the ability to create those same fond memories for Lucas.

However, I did have a bit of guilt taking Lucas to circus. You can’t help but get caught up in the alleged stories about how circus animals are treated, at least according to most animal rights activist individuals and groups. So I did a bit of research.

Is this true? There are many PETA-like sites that say it’s true and many lawsuits alleging it. But for what I could find, this alleged animal cruelty doesn’t seem to be covered by major investigative journalists. So, until something is proven to me and I can no longer see any doubt that it’s true, I’ll set that guilt aside and share the magic of the circus with Lucas.

We took Lucas to the Ben Hur Shrine Circus. “The circus is a combination of strength & skill, beauty & mystery. With amazing lighting and sound, watch as human and animal performers transform you into the magical world of circus. The Shrine Circus is the only interactive circus in the world!”

I have to say… the circus is definitely more magical as a kid. As an adult, it was more like… that was it? But Lucas loved every minute of it and I’m so happy to have sprinkled a little bit of that circus magic on him.

There it is… mesmerized with the magic.

7 thoughts on “Circus Circus!

  1. I love circus, and remind myself to watch it with my heart of a child and memories rather than my adult eyes. Getting older is inevitable; growing up is optional. I choose the latter. Luv ya, Claudia


  2. We can see the magic in the world when we see our children and grandchildren embrace the wonder of God’s animal creations. It is a beautiful thing to be taken back to that wonder of childhood. It’s makes getting older a blessing.
    Love you,


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