Small Town Fun

This past weekend we went to see my good friend Courtney and her family who live in Magnolia, Texas. Magnolia has that small town feel, and rightfully so with a population of just over 1500 (as of 2013), but is just a short drive northwest of Houston if you need anything from a big city.

Magnolia has been awarded a Scenic City Certification by Scenic Texas. The Scenic City Certification Program’s goal is to recognize cities with strong scenic infrastructure standards, and to provide valuable planning tools for cities. Scenic it is as the main highway that runs through the town, is tree lined with the most beautiful tall Pines.

Every time I go visit Courtney there is a little part of me that wants to move to a place like Magnolia. I love Austin and everything it has to offer, but there is just something about a small town. Things seem to move a little bit slower, people are just a little bit friendly and there’s a bigger sense of community with a small town that gets lost with a big city.

We arrived Friday afternoon and immediately stripped off our clothes, slipped into our bathing suits and jumped into the pool!


Saturday morning, the guys played golf and Courtney and I took the kids to Tomball, TX, which sits between Magnolia and Houston, for a farmer’s market and splash pad fun.

The Tomball Farmers Market is a registered nonprofit and works as a cooperative effort of local families dedicated to providing the highest quality food and handmade products for the community. There were local growers, craftsman and artisans.

We indulged in food samples, popsicles, homemade cookies and fresh produce. Or at least Courtney and I did while the kids moaned and groaned (AKA Lucas) about the heat, the boredom and “where are the toys?”

After we perused the market we took the kids over to the splash pad. But before, we all made a wish into the wishing well!

Make a Wish

No matter your age… splash pads are always fun! We finished off our morning with a history lesson about Tomball, TX from Lucas.

We spent the rest of our day in Courtney’s pool. What else is there to do on a hot July afternoon?!

The next morning we all went for a walk around the neighborhood. Or at least some of us did!

And then there were some of us that knew the best place to plop down and cool off!

Of course Lucas loves to be outside, so he continued to play with a little game of baseball.

Nothing like getting away from the hustle and bustle for some small town fun!


Thank you to Courtney and her family for the small town fun and hospitality!


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