Beach Bum

A few months ago, Walt and I reluctantly took Lucas to the beach. Reluctantly you say? Yes, reluctantly. The few times we went to the beach in the past, we spent the entire time chasing Lucas up and down the gulf shore.

Despite our last trip, I put on my big girl panties, made a list, checked it twice and we headed to Port Aransas. Overall, the trip was tons of fun and the best part? Lucas digs the beach life just like his parents.

Here are some tips to help make going to the beach with a toddler fun and a little less stressful:

  1. Keep them at home. Ha ha… just kidding about this tip.
  2. Bring baby powder. I wish I had known about this tip much sooner. Apparently, sprinkling baby powder on top of sandy skin magically gets rid of said sand. Say WHAT??!!
  3. Throw some shade. No, not that shade. Walt and I have tried and spent mucho dinero on many different contraptions for providing shade, but after this trip, we have finally found our favorite contraption – the Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent Deluxe XL. It’s super easy to set-up and take down, and it’s light weight and compact. Perfect in every way for a family of three. Plus your toddler can play in the sand while under the shade.
  4. Toys. Duh. Buckets, shovels, monster trucks, bubble wands, anything that can get sandy and wet and keep your toddler occupied.
  5. Beach wagon. We love our collapsible beach wagon. It’s been a life saver in carting around all of our beach crap.
  6. Sunscreen, protective clothing and a floppy hat. Please tell me these are no brainers and you already know this?
  7. Beer. Lots and lots of beer. You need something to keep your sanity right?
  8. Don’t fight the sand. This is the hardest one for me as I can’t stand getting sand on our towels, but with a toddler it’s a never ending battle. Get. Over. It.
  9. Snacks and water. A hungry and thirsty toddler makes a HANGRY toddler!
  10. No reading materials necessary. Forget about relaxing and reading your book. You’re there to splash, dig, swim and chase seagulls. If you want to read, follow tip #1.

There you have it. My top tips for enjoying the beach with a toddler and ones that Walt and I will never waiver from. As a result, it made this particular beach trip a success and we look forward to many more.

Do you have any tips for taking a toddler to the beach?

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