About Leah Ann…

Want to know more about me? In my spare time, I like to break world records. NO BIG DEAL.

In real life, I’m a 40 something full-time working wife and mother living in the great state of Texas. Austin to be precise. I’m an Aggie at heart (much to my husband’s dismay), graduated a Cougar and married a Longhorn.

I love to cook, bake, taste test and sip wine, beer, margaritas, you get the picture. Not always the best combinations for a recovering foodaholic… and I struggle with that on a hourly basis.

I love to read, run, workout at my favorite gym, play ball with my son and golf with the hubbs. Although, the golfing has been a little lacking due to living with a bat poop (insert a more appropriate four-letter word here) crazy two and a half year old who doesn’t understand that you can’t run buck-wild in the middle of a fairway. Who knew that was frowned upon?

I learn a little more each day on how to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve my “fit for life Iron-mom” status. Status approval pending.

This is my space to share that journey and everything in between.

I hope you enjoy.

Photo Credit: Tishy Photography

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